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Powerscourt 2021

A big thank you to our events sponsors During 2020 - Shortened Season

Tee Times for Captains in Mullingar on Saturday 25-Sept-2021

Check-in opens at 9:30 and closes at 11:15

Tee Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
10:30 D.Powell C.Reilly B.Harmon B.Corrigan
10:40 T.Farrell O.Henry P.Fagan B.Murray (v)
10:50 D.Dolan J.O'Connor S.Skelly M.Lynch
11:00 C.Duignan J.Corrigan M.Collins S.O'Sullivan
11:10 A.Powell M.McNevin A.McNally B.Hayes
11:20 C.King G.McGuire S.Kelly K.Stewart
11:30 C.McGuinness B.Giles J.Moore M.Blake
11:40 A.Quinn S.Ennis P.Kelly R.Delea
11:50 C.Foley T.Carroll B.Duignan P.Caffrey (v)

Tee Times for Headfort on Saturday 21-AUG-2021

Please be in attendance a minimum of 30 minutes before your tee time

Tee Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
12:30 K.McGurran B.Power (v) W.Power R.Delea
12:40 D.Powell J.Corrigan J.O'Connor C.Reilly
12:50 D.Dolan M.McNevin T.Vaughan M.Lynch
13:00 T.Carroll B.Duignan S.Skelly B.Hayes
13:10 A.Quinn B.Giles A.McNally P.Kelly
13:20 B.Heverin M.Collins K.McHugh B.Corrigan
13:30 A.Powell G.McGuire O.Henry M.Stone
13:40 C.McGuinness T.Farrell S.Kelly M.Blake
13:50 C.King C.Duignan B.Harmon K.Stewart

Druids Glen (Presidents Cup) - 17/07/2021

Druids Glen sponsored by Progressive Plumbing

Our third outing of the year was the Presidents Cup at Druids Glen on Saturday 17th July. It was energy sapping sweltering conditions during our brief med. weather summer but very much welcome. Thirty seven members and two visitors basked in the sunshine.

Christy King won the day with 39 points. New member Dylan Powel was 2nd on 40 points but due to the new member rule who can't win any of their 1st 2 outings, he was unfortunately demoted to 2nd. Cormac Foley was 3rd on 37 points.

Category winners were as follows: C1 - T.Carroll, C2 - M.McNevin, C3 - S.Skelly and C4 - R.Delea. The F9 went to B.Heverin with D.Dolan picking up the B9. Due to Covid restrictions there was no longest drive or nearest the pin. There was just the one 2 carded and that was Stephen Kelly.

Full results are in the members area. We move onto Headfort for our August outing.

Tee Times for Druids Glen (Presidents Cup) on Saturday 17-Jul-2021

Check-in will open at 10:20 and close at 11:50 sharp

Tee Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
11:40 D.Dolan J.O'Neill J.Moore P.Fagan
11:50 J.Monaghan M.McNevin P.Kelly S.O'Sullivan
12:00 T.Carroll M.Farrelly O.Henry K.Stewart
12:10 C.King B.Duignan M.Collins B.Corrigan
12:20 C.Foley C.Reilly S.Skelly B.Murray
12:30 K.Mcgurran J.Corrigan S.Kelly T.Gibney
12:40 D.Powell G.McGuire K.McHugh M.Lynch
12:50 A.Quinn J.O'Connor B.Harmon R.Delea
13:00 C.Duignan T.Farrell A.McNally M.Blake
13:10 B.Heverin P.O'Donnell N.Hand B.Hayes

Slieve Russell - 19/06/2021

Slieve Russell 2021 winner K.Stewart

Our second outing was to Slieve Russell on Saturday 19th June. Weather conditions again were favourable with 37 members and 2 visitors making the trip.

Karl Stewart won the day with a cracking 44 points. Big cut coming up. Martin Blake was second on 37 points on a count back from Captain Anthony "Chippy" Quinn.

Category winners were as follows: C1 - C.Foley, C2 - G.McGuire, C3 - J.Moore and C4 - B.Corrigan. The F9 went to S.Kelly with B.Giles picking up the B9. Due to Covid restrictions there was no longest drive or nearest the pin. There were five 2's carded and they were as follows: C.Foley, B.Duignan, S.Kelly, J.Moore and B.Hayes.

Full results are in the members area. We move onto Druids Glen for our July outing.

Tee Times for Slieve Russell on Saturday 19-Jun-2021

Check-in will open at 9:45 and close at 11:30 sharp

Tee Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
10:30 C.Duignan D.Lenihan S.O'Sullivan -
10:40 K.McGurran M.McNevin G.McGuire D.Powell
10:50 J.Monaghan B.Giles J.Moore B.Hayes
11:00 C.Foley T.Farrell O.Henry T.Gibney
11:10 T.Carroll S.Ennis S.Kelly P.Kelly
11:20 C.McGuinness P.O'Donnell B.Corrigan B.Duignan
11:30 C.King C.Reilly M.Collins T.Collins
11:40 A.Quinn R.Delea B.Harmon M.Blake
11:50 D.Dolan J.Corrigan K.Stewart M.Stone
12:00 J.O'Connor M.Lynch E.Mernagh (V) A.McNally

Powerscourt West - 29/05/2021

Powerscourt 2021 winner D.Dolan

KGS finally got the 2021 season off to a start with our 1st outing at Powerscourt West following the relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions allowing for certain sports to be resumed.

Our luck with the weather held as conditions were ideal. A mixture of sun and cloud in warm temperatures and little wind. It made for a pleasant outing for the 44 members and 1 visitor who made the trip and saw off Anthony 'Chippy' Quinn make the start to his captaincy.

The fast greens with tricky judgement calls caught many out on the day. David Dolan (right) judged best as he won the day with 40pts off 13. Dale Duignan was a close 2nd on 38pts with Christy King 3rd on 34pts.

Chippy Quinn on his Captains drive

Category winners were as follows: C1 - C.Foley, C2 - S.Ennis, C3 - M.Collins and C4 - R.Delea. The F9 went to K.Stewart with M.Lynch picking up the B9. Due to Covid restrictions there was no longest drive or nearest the pin. There were no fewer than six 2's carded and they were as follows: J.Monaghan, A.Quinn, D.Dolan, S.Ennis, J.Moore and D.Powell.

Full results are in the members area. We move onto Slieve Russell for our June outing.

Tee Times for Powerscourt West on Saturday 29-May-2021

Please be in attendance for the Captain Chippy Quinn's drive at 09:30

Tee Time
Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
Group 1 A.Quinn T.Carroll J.Corrigan T.Farrell
Group 2 K.McGurran C.McGuinness M.Stone TBC
Group 3 C.Foley A.Powell J.Moore M.McNevin
Group 4 B.Duignan D.Duignan B.Corrigan M.Lynch
Group 5 C.King G.McGuire S.Ennis D.McGuire (V)
Group 6 J.Monaghan D.Dolan P.Kelly T.Collins
Group 7 O.Henry C.Reilly B.Harmon P.Fagan
Group 8 C.Duignan S.Kelly S.O'Sullivan B.Giles
Group 9 J.O'Neill K.McHugh P.Comiskey (V) E.Rock (V)
Group 10 M.Blake M.Collins K.Stewart R.Delea
Group 11 J.O'Connor A.McNally P.O'Donnell N.Hand (V)
Group 12 B.Hayes C.Hayes P.Rochford -

Golf Has Resumed

As golfing has resumed, thankfully as of Monday 3rd May we have been able to arrange a fixture for our Society on Saturday 29th May in Powerscourt West. Tee Times and groupings will be posted as soon as the draw has been made. Looking forward to seeing you all again.

And stay safe.

Turkey Shoot Postponed

The Turkey shoot scheduled for 31/10/2020 in Knightsbrook has been postponed due to Level 5 lockdown restrictions as a result of increased Covid-19 cases throughout the country. The Government, in its wisdom or folly, have included Golf Clubs in their list of premises that should remain closed for the 6 week period of the lockdown.
This is despite the already social distancing aspect of the sport itself. Any attempt at holding the Turkey Shoot this year will be dependent on what level we emerge from this 6 week lockdown and whether we can find a GC able and willing to host us not to mention weather and course conditions etc. Given its proximity to Xmas also may not suit some members but others may be chomping at the bit to be unleashed.

We appreciate how frustrating this is for all but we are in it together and hope to emerge strong and vibrant next year hopefully with a safe working vaccine to enable us resume our normal social activities.

We will keep members posted. In the meantime - Stay Safe and keep to the published advice on how to avoid contracting the virus.

Captain's Day - Headfort New - 19/9/2020

Captains winner Tom Carroll (right) with acting Captain John O'Connor (2nd).

Our Captains Day competition was held in Headfort (New Course) on Saturday 19th September 2020. Thirty seven members took the field. Conditions were good with an overcast early mornig chill warming up with afternoon sunshine with a stiff breeze.

The day was subject to Covid-19 restrictions with no longest drive or nearest the pin prizes as per course instructions. There was no after dinner speeches or presentations. It was an enjoyable day nonetheless.

The honours went to local club member Tom Carroll who bagged the title with a score of 41 points playing off 10. He gets himself another jumper to add to his collection. The size gets bigger with every one. John O'Connor was second on 36 points cementing his place on top of the GOY table in this condensed season.

The full table of finishes is outlined below. Jim O'Neill won the F9 with the B9 going to Conor McGuinness. There was six 2's carded by 5 players as folllows: T.Carroll, C.King, C.Duignan (2), M.McNevin and T.Farrell.

A few members retired to the Village Inn under Covid-19 rules. Outstanding items for the year is the Turkey Shoot at a date and venue to be tied down and the announcement of our Golfer of the Year. The date for the AGM will then be arranged.

Captains Day Roll of Honour
Position Player Points
1st Tom Carroll 41
2nd John O'Connor 36
3rd David Dolan 35
4th Christy King 34
5th Terry Farrell 34
6th Michael Collins 33
7th Cormac Reilly 33
8th Kieran McGurran 33
9th Christy Duignan 31
10th Ali Powell 31

Tee Times for Captains Day at Headfort New on Saturday 19-Sept-2020

Please be checked in by 10:10 at the latest to allow committee settle up and prepare for their round.

Tee Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
09:40 B.Corrigan M.Lynch P.Fagan -
09:50 P.Kelly T.Farrell M.McGrath C.Reilly
10:00 D.Botha M.Stone J.Monaghan B.Heverin
10:10 M.Blake K.Stewart R.Delea W.Power
10:20 T.Carroll S.Skelly C.Duignan B.Duignan
10:30 J.O'Connor P.O'Donnell M.Collins A.McNally
10:40 A.Powell C.McGuinness M.McNevin K.McGurran
10:50 C.King J.Kearney S.Kelly T.Vaughan
11:00 J.O'Neill K.McHugh B.Giles D.Dolan
11:10 B.Hayes P.Rochford T.Gibney -

Knightsbrook (Palmerston Replacement) - 15/08/2020

Knightsbrook winner James Monaghan

As a result of the lockdown of 3 counties due to Covid-19, we had to change the planned outing from Palmerstown to Knightsbrook who were able to accommodate us at short notice. The weather was balmy and the course was in great nick. Twenty members and one visitor took up the challange.

James Monaghan won the day with a score of 39 points. Kieran McGurran was second with 37 points and John O'Connor was third on 35 points. Category winners were C1 - A.Powell, C2 - C.Reilly, C3 - M.Collins and C4 - R.Delea. James also bagged the longest drive with Kieran nearest the pin. Mattie Lynch won the front 9 with Michael Collins taking the back 9.

There were 3 2's winners and they were in the same 4 ball group no less and they were K.McGurran, C.Reilly and M.Lynch.

Once again due to social distancing rules in place there was no presentations or photos on the day although some did stay for food. Needles to say with Public Houses still under lockdown, there were no 19th hole post mortems either.

Next up is our Captain's Day in Headfort on Saturday 19th September.

Tee Times for Knightsbrook on Saturday 15-August-2020

Please be in attendance a minimum of 30 minutes before your tee time

Tee Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
14:57 B.Hayes P.Rochford T.Gibney R.Delea
15:07 B.Corrigan M.Stone K.McHugh P.Kelly
15:17 D.Dolan B.Duignan J.Monaghan D.Botha
15:27 A.Powell K.McGurran C.Reily M.Lynch
15:37 J.O'Connor A.McNally M.Collins K.Stewart

Update 100820

Following the introduction of lockdowns in three counties which includes our August venue, we've had to re-schedule. We were able to get Knightsbrook to help us out at short notice. 1st tee will be 14:57 on Saturday 15th August. WhatsApp and text messages have been sent out to members.

KGS Committee

Druids Glen - Presidents Cup - 18/07/2020

Druids Glen winner Dale Duignan (left) with Capt. John O'Connor presenting

Well lads our 1st outing of 2020 finally took off at Druids Glen on Saturday 18th July due to the lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic when conditions were relaxed to allow some sports to resume. Conditions couldn't be better for our annual Presidents Cup outing. Warm and dry with little wind. 44 members and 1 visitor made the trip.

A young Dale Duignan emerged victorious with 38 points followed closely by a young Conor Stone on 37 points followed closely by a not so young Cormac Reilly on 36 points.

Category winners were as follows: C1 - Christy King, C2 - Terry Farrell, C3 - John O'Connor and C4 - Denis Botha. Conor Stone also bagged the longest drive with Brian Giles netting nearest the pin. F9 went to Stephen Skelly with B9 going to Christy Duignan. There were two 2's carded on the day and they were Terry Farrell and Brian Heverin.

Due to social distancing rules in place there was no presentations or photos on the day. Needles to say with Public Houses still under lockdown, there were no 19th hole post mortems. We move onto Palmerstown on 15th August.

Tee Times for Druids Glen on Saturday 18-July-2020

We are delighted to be back playing again and we kick off at Druids Glen on Saturday 18th July. Restaurant is open and you can use the shower once you have your own towels. Check-in is beside the putting green behind the Club House in the hut. Please be there in good time as check-in will be closed at 13:15 to allow organising committee settle up and get ready for play.

Tee Time Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
12:10 A.Powell M.McNevin K.McGurran -
12:20 C.Stone B.Duignan C.Duignan D.Duignan
12:30 J.O'Neill K.McHugh D.Lenihan B.Giles
12:40 S.Ennis C.King G.Maguire J.Kearney
12:50 T.Carroll J.Moore S.Skelly C.Foley
13:00 M.Blake K.Stewart P.Kelly M.McGrath
13:10 M.Lynch B.Corrigan B.Harmon P.Fagan
13:20 J.O'Connor A.McNally P.O'Donnell -
13:30 T.Farrell J.Corrigan R.Delea W.Power
13:40 S.Kelly S.O'Sullivan C.Reilly T.Vaughan
13:50 J.Monaghan D.Botha D.Dolan B.Heverin
14:00 B.Hayes P.Rochford M.Stone -

Update 090620

Following the easing of restrictions for the COVID-19 pandemic and the re-opening of Golf courses around the country, it is our intention to resume Society outings in July with our scheduled visit to Druids Glen on the 18th. The 4 missed outings have been re-booked for 2021.

KGS Committee

Mt. Juliet Outing Cancelled

Due to the current public health COVID-19 pandemic and the latest advice about social distancing, we have regrettfully cancelled our Mt. Juliet outing scheduled for 28th March. This is to ensure the health and safety of all our members. Decisions on future outings will be in keeping with on-going health advice and HSE advisories. Will post updates as needed. Stay safe.

KGS Committee

See our History page for reports on previous years

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